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SWARM BEE BOX – Gifts to Benefit Bees

SWARM BEE BOX – Gifts to Benefit Bees

$ 28.00

Swarm's Bee Box is a meaningful gift that includes some of our most popular items. Our box features a hand painted yellow bee on top! 

+ Oregon Meadowfoam Honey – a unique honey from pollen of the meadowfoam flower, native to southern Oregon. Famous for its vanilla + toasted marshmallow flavor, it's delicious on its own and ideal for sweetening holiday beverages and baking.

+ Wooden Honey Dipper

+ Pollinator Seed Blend – butterfly + bee-friendly flowers, perfect to create backyard habitat

+ Bee Tea – herbal (no buzz!) blend of organic flowers and herbs: mint, chamomile, lavender, rose, lemon verbena

+ Beeswax Salve –  a customer favorite, our hand + body salve soothes with the calming scent of lavender and other plant oils.