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Bee Culinary Thanksgiving

SWARM's Bee Culinary kitchen creations help make any meal memorable. We've curated some special items for Thanksgiving entertaining.

Our Turkey Brine is crafted with herbs and some edible flowers from our pollinator garden: sage + rosemary, and calendula + nasturtium.

Swarm's Oregon Pumpkin Honey is delicious on squash and baked goods. We even added it to a whiskey cocktail!

The vanilla+marshmallow flavor of our Meadowfoam Honey makes it a great addition to pies and other baked goods. 

Swarm's Seasoning Salts add flavor to any dish. We offer a Sage+Lemon Verbena salt and also Bee Bouquet, which includes edible flowers from our pollinator garden.

Children love our Bee Tea, a "no buzz" herbal blend of flowers + herbs that bees love. Delicious hot or cold.

Adorn your holiday table with the rich, warm glow of beeswax candles. The fresh scent makes the occasion special.