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Swarm Varietal Honey Sampler

Swarm Varietal Honey Sampler

$ 26.00


Swarm's Varietal Honey Sampler features three of our favorite Pacific Northwest honeys. They're all raw and contain beneficial pollen and minerals.

The varietal sampler includes Oregon Meadowfoam, Wildflower and Blackberry.

Meadowfoam is a flower native to southern Oregon and the honey is prized for its unique vanilla + toasted marshmallow flavor. 

Wildflower is a classic honey that contains pollen from flowers + trees (that's why it's used for allergies). Its rich flavor makes it a delicious all-purpose honey that never disappoints.

Blackberry is a classic, slightly fruity it's delicious on toast and/or in tea. Kids (of all ages) love it!

The sampler is packaged in our hand painted yellow bee box. Each jar net wt: 10.4 oz.

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