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Pacific Northwest Honey Collection

We're pleased to offer a taste of the Pacific Northwest – a curated selection of honey from small-scale beekeepers who practice sustainable beekeeping techniques.
Our Oregon Meadowfoam Honey is a keeper, there's nothing else like it with its vanilla–toasted marshmallow flavor! Meadowfoam is a flower native to southern Oregon. In large plantings, it looks like sea foam in the breeze – hence the name meadowfoam!
SWARM's WILDFLOWER HONEY is a staple for your kitchen. The rich, carmel flavor is ideal for tea and coffee , salad dressings, sauces – and more! Our raw Wildflower honey is high in minerals and contains beneficial pollen.  Because Wildflower Honey contains plenty from trees and flowers, it is often used to help with allergies.
Swarm has created unique collection of infused honeys that feature organic pollinator garden essential oils – flowers and herbs that bees and butterflies love! Edible flowers + herbs such as lavender, basil and lemon verbena are blended with Oregon varietal wildflower and blackberry honeys.
We support a collective of beekeepers who harvest honey from sustainable farms and wild lands. None of the beekeepers we partner with move their hives for pollination fees. The top priority is always healthy honeybees!
Sales of honey helps support our education work to create more pollinator habitat and #savenativebees.