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About Us

Swarm Portland began to raise awareness of the misuse of pesticides that caused a major bee die off in Oregon. I joined with other concerned citizens to organize a mock bee "die in," which took place at the Portland Farmers Market. Many people – and the media – resonated with our message to "save our bees." Today, we continue to create a buzz with events and educational activities. 

Swarm Portland's main mission is to create more pollinator habitat that is pesticide free. We can bee kind to pollinators with better public policy and by creating bee-friendly refuges in our own yards, gardens and patios. 

Please join in our efforts by ordering our Pollinator Planters and add bee and pollinator-friendly herbs and plants to your garden!

Swarm Portland is a family-friendly public benefit company that offers public involvement activities to high school students

We offer some select pollinator products and a portion of sales supports donations of Bee Seeds and Pollinator Planters to community gardens, schools and other locations.

Join the hive mind @ Swarm Portland's Facebook page shares timely info on events and solutions to help our bees.

Please give me a buzz if you'd like to connect: