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Bee Tree Tea

The sweet nectar of the Linden Tree blossom is a bee's favorite, which is why the tree is also called a Bee Tree!

This is a "no buzz" herbal tea. Linden flowers are used by naturopaths for the calming effect and flavored with lemon balm and hawthorn.

We offer our Bee Tree Tea as a fundraiser to help support our education and advocacy work. Visit our "Swarm in the Community" page to learn more about this work.

Bee Tree Tea Brewing Basics:

Hand-sewen linen drawstring bags hold four tea bags, which are formulated to make larger tea batches (2 bags per gallon) but can also be served by the cup.

Serving options include:

• Steep two bags at a time to make a gallon of sun tea

• Leave two bags overnight in glass container.

• Boil water and pour gently over one or more bags.

Purchase the gift set that includes our Bee Tea  – a calming blend of mint, camomile and lavender: