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Blue for Bee Seeds

Blue for Bee Seeds

$ 4.00
We all know that bees love blue flowers, think lavender and borage. But new research is proving that bees are indeed drawn to the color blue. The color is easier for bees to see, and some farmers are even placing blue flags in crop fields to attract more pollinators!
Swarm Portland has curated a seed packet "Blue for Bees." Our packets have easy-to-grow favorites that include: Shades of Blue Larkspur, California Bluebells, Borage, Blue Victoria Salvia, and Crystal Palace Lobelia.
To plant: sow outdoors after last frost. Plant 1/4-inch deep and scatter about 25 seeds per square foot, gently rake or cover in. Thin as needed.

These seeds are packaged for the 2017 growing season.