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Fall + Spring Cover Crop – Mustard

Fall + Spring Cover Crop – Mustard

$ 4.00
Mustard is an excellent cover crop for the winter and early spring garden. It adds nutrients to your soil, improves drainage, and can help prevent nutrients from leaching during rainy season! Plus – the mustard flowers provide early spring bee habitat.
We've selected the Kodiak Mustard seeds for cover crop, which is an especially high biomass mustard that germinates quickly. Kodiak mustard produces full, leafy canopy. Let the plants flower and you can turn them under right before they go to seed (or harvest some seed for future plantings).
Sow in fall after your crops are done, and also early spring. Spread seeds thinly 1-2 inches apart and cover with 1/4-1/2 inch of soil.
Each seed pack contains 4g seeds and covers 30 sq feet.