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Fermented Honey

Fermented Honey

$ 10.00

This fermented honey’s unique taste comes from Longan trees of Thailand. The Longan fruit is similar to lychee. Longan honey is golden and considered a delicacy throughout SE Asia.

The fermentation process uses traditional methods that trace back to ancient culinary practices. Both honey and vinegar have been used for centuries because of their believed health benefits.


Pure longan honey is placed in ceramic casks to ferment naturally without the addition of artificial colorings or preservatives. Green tea is added to reduce acidity for a softer flavor, and the mixture is placed in oak barrels to age.

After six months, the Fermented Honey is finished off with more longan honey to add a touch of sweetness and round out the tartness of the vinegar. Together, these ingredients create a delicious and versatile condiment.

The fermented honey is offered in an 8 oz spray bottle for versatility.
Culinary: Fermented honey can be sprayed onto vegetables and meats or combined with herbs and spices for unique finishing flavor.

Salad Dressing: fermented honey is delicious as a salad dressing.

Digestive aid: Fermented honey has been used in many cultures to stimulate digestion and improve gut health.

Cocktails: fermented honey adds a unique burst of flavor to cocktails or added to seltzer water (similar to uses for bitters).

Swarm Portland partners with Eugene-based Glory Bee to bring this special honey to Oregon.