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Oregon Blueberry Honey

Oregon Blueberry Honey

$ 14.00

SWARM's Blueberry Honey has a light, fruity blueberry flavor with subtle hints of vanilla. This amber colored honey is delightful for many uses including tea and salad dressings.

In Western Oregon, blueberries bloom for about four weeks in May. Worker bees gather pollen and nectar for the hive. By a process called ‘ripening,’ the moisture content of the nectar is reduced, changing the nectar’s sugar into honey sugars (glucose, fructose and maltose) which are then sealed with beeswax into honeycomb cells. The honey is just about ready when the blueberries are ready to pick; somewhere between early June and late July.

Delicious in baked goods, mixed with yogurt, or drizzled as a glaze on baked meats. 

Unfiltered and raw (not heated over 115 ˚F) our honey still contains traces of Pollen and Propolis, and has no additives.

Small batch so get it while it lasts!