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Sage + Lemon Seasoning Salt

Sage + Lemon Seasoning Salt

$ 10.00
Herbs and flowers for Swarm's culinary salts are picked fresh in our pollinator garden. Our Sage+Lemon Seasoning Salt is made from sun-dried organic lemon peel and Berggarten sage, which is a kitchen staple for cooks.
The gray-green leaves of this evergreen sage are dried to reveal a rich, pungent flavor perfect for seasoning meats and vegetable dishes. The seasonings are blended with pure Himalayan pink salt, which is rich in beneficial natural minerals.
And because pink salt is harvested deep within the earth, it's free from environmental contaminants that are increasingly found sea salt (micro plastic particles from ocean pollution).
Swarm's Sage+Lemon Seasoning Salt is packaged in a 6-ounce glass jar with our decorative embossed stamp on the lid.